Monday, June 21, 2010

Bird I-D Help?

Who am I? This bird is bigger than a house finch and likes the spilled seed from the feeders. Very skittish and no grouping for feeding. A type of finch? A sparrow? What do you think? That's a significant stripe above the eye...a clue? (scroll down for two more photos of the bird)


tahtimbo said...

My wife thinks it's the female red-winged blackbird. We have tons of these, too.

Boise Diva said...

Tim - that could be right. It's interesting she doesn't hang out with the boys at the feeders in the backyard.

ericn1300 said...

Definitely female red-wing blackbird, do a Google and check out the images. The females should still be nesting, hope this doesn't mean she lost her eggs to predators. We have a lot of them on the creek behind or house and their population seems to be on the incline with the reduction in the Magpie population.