Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's a Bird Eat Bird World

Over at today, I'm featuring a photo of an American Kestrel that was making a racket in the backyard yesterday. This hawk, unsure of the identification, got its picture taken just after capturing an Oregon junco in the front yard yesterday.


Birding is Fun! said...

I'd call this an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk. Sharpies and Coopers are often hard to tell apart, but I've been reading up on them quite a bit recently. I lean toward Sharpie because of the relatively smaller head size as well as the darker hood on coming up the back, up the neck and on top of the head. Cooper's tend to have more of a darker cap with a lighter color nape, rather than a hood as your photo shows.

Boise Diva said...

Thanks for the ID! This is a first, then, for yard-spotting this one.