Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lawn Mowing Service Damage

I wish I had been paying attention last year, when the guy who mowed my lawn added a single-wheel stand-up attachment to the new giant mower he purchased. It's a commercial mower and is not suitable for residential lawns. The wheel he stands on has killed the lawn in stripes and compacted the soil, especially along the fence and in areas where he turned. I fired him this week and will be working on repairing damaged areas, including some ruts. Arghh. And I am going to learn to mow my lawn, using a battery-operated mower. Details on that later. First step in repairing was to take a pitchfork and work it under the damaged areas and lift them up an inch or so. I will keep repeating this and avoid stepping on the areas for about a month. Just putting soil on top won't fix the problem of compaction. We have to be kind to our turf :)  He also bumped my trees with the new giant machine and that made me sad. Poor trees.

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