Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trailing Petunia

This is a trailing petunia, which is similar to the wave petunia, and the seeds are less expensive. It goes through blooming cycles. The week after this, it will have very blooms and then the next week it will go crazy again. No need to pinch the blooms, which is a bonus. I have several hanging baskets along my fence because the fence is so ugly, I try to cover it up.

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alice said...

I don't know if your fence is so ugly without flowers but with these red torrents, it's beautiful! My own petunias are white (I love white plants and flowers, my garden is a tiny one so I have to choose just a few colors), but they are not so georgeous!
I wish you a nice weekend and I'm looking for a link that explains la p├ętanque!