Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Harvest

Well, this is our pathetic pumpkin harvest. I had so many seedlings, and so many squash bugs. We have a green "volunteer" pumpkin, one that was supposed to be a giant, and one Cinderella pumpkin. Say "hi" to Sweetie. She was very interested in the harvest.


Hilda said...

I didn't even know that pumpkins came in different shapes and colors. We don't have pumpkin here — unless they're canned, and that's imported. The closest to it would be what we call generically as squash ('kalabasa').

Hi, Sweetie!

Hee hee, that's what I call all our pets and even my husband, and sister and nieces when they're visiting. When I say it, EVERYONE looks at me, trying to figure out who I'm greeting. :D

Boise Diva said...

Hi Hilda - you're Sweetie habit made me laught. I know someone like that! I tell you, it's amazing how many pumpkins there are - hundreds, I'm sure. We'll do the Cinderella again next year, and then I've saved seeds in the past that I'll use again. We usually eat all the seeds roasted.