Monday, February 9, 2009

Rusty Windmill

Wicked-looking rust on the decorative windmill at the fence corner. It may have been this bad last year, but the whole thing had been choked by hops vines. I had planted hops against the fence to cover up the yucky fence, but then the hops tried to take over the world, so I had to tear them out. I'm sure they'll try to come back, but I'm going to be vigilant to make sure they don't make it. While hops do have visual appeal, and value for home brewers, which we're not, they're also aggressive and caustic vines that cause rashes when you touch them.


Anonymous said...

I still like my backyard windmill, rusty or not. It was a great gift - thanks again! :)

--Diva's husband

Russell said...

I agree with your husband - that is a nice windmill! The little bit of rust gives it character!

That fence looks fine from what I can see. What looks undesirable to one person sometimes looks incredible to another. But from what I can see, that fence has a lot of character, too!