Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abandoned Kitty on His Way to a New Home

This little boy hanging around our yard for a month or so is on his way to a new home. I scooped him up the other day and took him in to the Cat Doctor to have him checked out. He turned out to be the sweetest little lover kitty. He got neutered, up to date on shots and got a bath, and Northwest Animal Companions is putting him on display at a Petsmart so he can go to a real home. We learned from renters on the block behind us that the previous renters had left his cat behind. He had been spending nights in the garage, getting in through a pet door, until the new renters nailed it shut. He must have been confused.

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

HOORAY! Oh, thank you for taking care of little kitty boy! Hopefully he'll find a good home - at least now he has a warm place to sleep!